Chinese Herbs Are Safe & Natural

Chinese Herbs

Because the ancient Chinese were agrarian people, the imagery of their herbal philosophy comes from the natural elements. The cycles of life – the seasons, natural phenomena, physical elements, even the energy meridians and organ systems which they observed followed certain patterns.

“People these days frequently complain about the rising cost of healthcare, as though health were something money alone can buy. What they’re really talking about is the rising cost of sickness, for sickness is what modern medicine caters to, not health…. The reason it’s so expensive to get sick today is that modern medicine too often neglects preventative healthcare, waiting instead until disease has become sufficiently entrenched in the human system to declare the patient “sick,” then engaging the symptoms of the disease in a running battle of suppression…. Many people are now convinced that the expensive chemicals, electronic gadgets, and radical surgical procedures employed by modern medicine to treat the symptoms of disease often do as much harm as good to the human system and sometimes create the conditions for even worse health problems later in life.

So what can we do to protect our health and nurse our minor ailments at home, before they become major disease that require us to spend fortunes on modern drugs and surgery? We could begin by recognizing the fundamental tenants of traditional Chinese medicine  –  that most health problems are self-inflicted and that the cause of most disease is the failure to take proper preventative measures…. Using Chinese herbal remedies at home is neither costly nor complicated, particularly when utilized for long-term preventative healthcare. (vi, vii) A Handbook of Chinese Healing Herbs by D. Reid.

If herbs are used to cure a chronic or acute ailment, it’s always best to consult a professional practitioner of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Recent claims to discredit TCM herbs, were due to mis-use & mis-marketing. Never purchase Chinese Herbs over-the-counter unless you have been prescribed a particular formula by a licensed practitioner.

Acupuncture Solutions carries a dispensary of herbs for your convenience.  If I don’t carry the formula that’s best for you, I can special order it which takes 5-7 days for delivery.

If you are reading this far, I must tell you to also try nourishing foods (organic is best if you can get it) as a prescription for health. For that’s pretty much what herbs are – foods from the earth; they are simply formulated from thousands of years of research. If you are unable to absorb & assimilate the nutrients, then include herbal remedies to assist your body.  Some are specifically directed toward this purpose; they are gentle and easily assimilated.  The most important conclusion is that you’re receiving the fuel necessary to gain good health, longevity and shenming (radiance).