Hours & Fees


Monday through Friday – 8:30 am to 5 pm
By Appointment Only.  I can work outside of these hours with advance notice.

Phone: 928 – 855-7400 – There’s no better time to call than in the moment. Ask your questions; raise your concerns; make an appointment. 


We accept cash, check or VISA/MC


  • Consultations – 20 minutes $FREE
  • First Office Call (FOC): To Evaluate and Treat Disharmony, Sickness & Disease.     $160.  Two+ hours.
    • During the first half of your visit, an in-depth intake of your health history (physical and mental) is documented, an exam done and then a treatment of East Asian Medicine which will include Acupuncture will be given.
  • Return Office Call (ROC 1):     $90 per hour.  One+ hours.
    • During the first half of your visit, I will provide and discuss a Report of Findings which is a thorough explanation of your unique East Asian Diagnosis.  This is a form that you can take home with you. I will go over your Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Diagnosis, what it means, how long it will take for you to be well, and what I’ll be doing to assist.
    • Secondly, you’ll be provided with a second report, a Care Plan.  This plan will also be discussed at length as it provides you with an accurate timeline for your health to improve and therefore, monies involved. That way, you’re fully informed of your decision to go forward.   A treatment is given after your reports are discussed.
    • Over the course of your care, you’ll be given recommendations for lifestyle changes, TCM nutritional advice, recommended herbs and/or herbal formulas, salves or tinctures, and answers to your questions to guide you on your way to balancing and harmonizing your body, mind and spirit and keeping balanced once there.  
  • All future ROCs: Acupuncture – Short Intake, then treatment: $80 – One Hour.

EVERYONE receives a Welcome Package at the end of their FOC that contains interesting and valuable information that you need to be aware of relating to acupuncture, the office and information that is unique to you and your herbal prescription – if you choose natural, drug-free teas.

Medicare / Medicaid does not cover Acupuncture in any state at this time; we’re politically working on getting that changed so that you can be covered.  You can help by calling their offices frequently and asking for East Asian Medicine (Acupuncture) to be covered.
– If you have PRIVATE medical insurance,
I can provide you with a receipt for services rendered.  You can send this receipt into your insurance company and ask for reimbursement. Call your member telephone number to see what the percentage of coverage is for treatment done by an East Asian Medical Practitioner outside of their network and ask where to mail your claim.  


” I can’t see a better solution to long term chronic pain. There is no question
in my mind that acupuncture is safer than surgery or drugs because it
stimulates the natural chemical changes of the body.”
– Dr. Bruce Pomeranz, a neurosurgeon, University of Toronto