“Dear Georgian,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with others.
“Georgian’s acupuncture services are a perfect balance between the utmost professionalism and friendly personal service. When I started seeing Georgian at Acupuncture Solutions, I was struck with how she paid special attention to just me. While under her care, it was like the rest of the world did not matter and all her focus was on me, my care, and my healing.
My wife and I have been seeking her healing touch for over 6-years. She has healed us of countless complications and plan to seek her guidance and care for many years to come.”
Gregg Portch
Silverdale, WA


“Georgian is a very skilled, and thoughtful practitioner of Acupuncture.  My visits have been beneficial, and enlightening. If you have considered trying this practice, I recommend Georgian without hesitation.”  D.H.


“Acupuncture Solutions Testimonial  March 2013
by Ellen Shortt Sanchez
Before coming to Acupuncture Solutions I suffered from chronic bronchitis and reoccurring sinus problems.   I knew that if I got a cold or allergies I would be knocked out for weeks at a time.  I had a very hard time preventing sickness and even harder time fighting it off. If I started to get sick.  I just associated winter with a hard time, cold, wet and often sick.  I work with young students and there are lots of things passed around.  Acupuncture has deeply healed my immune system and Chinese herbs Pe Min Kan Wan really keep allergies under control.  I have spent the last two winters without boats of serious illness.  I have had the beginnings of colds and I don’t feel like it’s a catastrophe, I feel confident that I can bounce back.  I am now a regular runner and don’t rely on an inhaler.  My lungs feel strong and I love to be outside.  This has certainly transformed my life! Many Thanks to Georgian and Acupuncture Solutions!”


“For me, the acupuncture experience was nothing but amazing.  From the start, an overall sense of well being and happiness began that has stayed with me.  The problems I had — arthritis, bladder control, water retention, night sweats, controlling  my moods and emotions and lack of energy — have all greatly improved and most are no longer a problem at all!!   The herbs and dietary changes were very helpful in this as well.  I am very grateful for the experience and the wellness I now feel, and I am not done with treatment yet.  I know its going to get even better.  Thank you.”  S.H.


“I’ve had problems with my back all my life.  I was told that I would have to live with the pain.  But, I don’t have any – at all – and I am amazed.  I never thought you could do it.”      M.S.


“I never thought this pain would go away.”        A.T.


“I haven’t felt this way in years!”      J.M.


“Well I need u all every single day and probably need to see Anna next week. I just have to say to each of u that the healing both physically and emotionally, has really prepared me for the very tough last few weeks. Thank all of you for the positive energy and healing. Can’t wait to see you soon.”   MB


“I never knew you could clear a sore throat!”    B.B.


“I haven’t slept that well in years!”     M.A.


“I wanted for you to know that I have not gone without back pain this long in years!  When I came in for the first time, my pain was at a 9 or 10 level.  Now, on the 2nd treatment, it’s a 1 or 0.  Thank you.  Thank you.


“You’re a miracle worker!  My neck doesn’t hurt at all.  What did you do?”  B.P.


“After my first treatment I felt great!  I hadn’t been able to move my neck to one side for the previous two weeks and my back had been killing me.  I also hadn’t been able to walk very much, go jogging or bike riding.  I figured I was just out of shape.   A few days after my first treatment, I hiked a trail on Mt. Rainier for four miles!  My husband and I were shocked.  My neck and back were fine.  I felt great.  In addition to my aches and pains disappearing, my allergies have greatly improved along with my digestion.  I’ve had four treatments now and everytime I think I couldn’t possibily feel better, I do. ”  L.M.D.


“I started to receive acupuncture treatments in December of 07.  I have always felt that one needs to use all avenues of helping oneself and doing the best that we can in different ways to heal and treat our health issues.  I had been in the healthcare setting for many years, and had begun getting massages and reflexology on my feet.  I was still working at the time and it was wonderful to feel better, more relaxed by helping my body to regain its strength and wellbeing.  I then had received some acupuncture on my knees, as I have arthritis; this helped the pain and the swelling.  I then came to see Georgian at Acupuncture Solutions.  She went over all of health issues and we began addressing them.  I had a lot of pain on my right side and upper leg.  I have been pain free for eight months.  Also, I had high blood pressure and we have worked on that and my blood pressure has lowered to normal range.  I feel I have come a long way in nearly two years.  It takes a long time for issues to come forward, and we go a long time with them and wait to get help when we could have gotten help sooner and felt better sooner.  Acupuncture has helped my life so much – with learning about Chinese herbs, diet and exercise – learning about an alternative form of healing and how to restore my health has done a lot for me.  This has been a life-time in learning new ways to aid my health issues.”  J.C.


“I was skeptical and a little afraid of the needles, but was given a gift for a number of treatments and couldn’t see them go to waste.  Also had continuous pain from fibromyalgia and gout.  It’s worth a try.  I was amazed after a few treatments that the pain had gone away.  I do need frequent acupuncture treatments-like a booster shot.  I encourage those with pain to give it a try. What do you have to lose, and it is not painful.  In fact, I nap!”  R.H.


“I was afraid I’d lose my leg [trauma from WWII], but now it’s better than it’s ever been.  Swelling down, redness and sores gone and no pain.  My doctors are amazed. ” A.C.


“I had colitis for 50 years (since I was 17 years old).  After my acupuncture treatments, I went to the doctor, and he said the colitis was gone.  I’m thrilled.”  R.S.


“It’s the first time in a long time that I’m walking straighter and without pain!” M.B.


“I’m stronger.  I’m walking.  I’m sleeping better.  Emotions are good.”  P.P.


“It’s the first time I have been able to vacation without worrying about my bowel movements!  That’s unbelievable.”  K.D.


“I’ve had migraines since I was a child.  They’re gone!  I can’t believe it.  My whole system feels good, and I’m happy and more energetic.”  D.L.”


“She really knows me.  She knows exactly what I need to get me back in tune.  I feel great.”  T.F.


“I was given pharmaceutical drugs for my cancer and got severe hot flashes.  I was miserable.  But, my acupuncturist gave me a herbal formula to drink and the hot flashes stopped immediately.  I was really amazed.  I’m a guy.”  R.W.


“I suffered from a horrific onset of shingles and was in so much pain.  After the very first treatment, I felt 100% better.  I didn’t know that they could even help me for it.  It went away so fast.  Now, I know if I ever have another acute problem, I know where to go.”  V.B.


“My lower back has improved tremendously.  My digestion system is functioning properly.  I’m amazed at how better it makes one’s life better overall.  My acupuncturist even put in four needles in my scalp and called them the four smart points.  I’ve yet to get less than an A- on a test!  That’s pretty great!  K.B.


“I try to get everybody in here.  You’ve helped me so much.  I feel great!”  D.P.


In response to a Facebook article, our patient, Mary wrote: “O My God this is so true! A true Acupuncturist heals using not only needles but their spirit! It gave me hope when Drs told me it was hopeless. It brings your body and soul back to peace, back to center and balance. Basically, acupuncture is inside and outside health!”